ИМ 240А

Седельный тягач КАМАЗ 65115 с КМУ ИМ 240А filescatalogim240akmujpg filescatalogim240a001jpg filescatalogim240a002jpg filescatalogim240a003jpg filescatalogim240a004jpg filescatalogim240a005jpg

The loader crane has a cable hook, which makes it possible to work below ground level and even when the worksite is full of obstacles (walls, fences). In comparison with a usual loader crane, the IM 240A with a cable hook lifts and lowers loads smoothly and strictly vertically, which ensures more accurate positioning of loads.

All information in the catalogue is intended for guidance only. The models are improved and refined constantly, that’s why the catalogue’s specifications can be changed by the manufacturer.
Number of hydraulic expandable boom sections
2 PCs
Load moment
23,3 tm
Max. lifting capacity
8400 kg
Lifting capacity at max.outreach
2200 kg
Max. outreach
9 m
Ambient working temperature, °C
0 C
Max. lifting height
10,9 m
Max. plunge depth
5,8 m
Operating method
From ground
Weight without hydraulic pump and hydraulic oil
2430 kg
Distance between screw axes
848 mm
Size of frame for mounting
1090 mm

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